10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car. Let’s Answer!!

Welcome to Fortune Fuel Solutions Blogs. In this article, we will be answering many commonly asked questions related to a CNG Car. STAY TUNED!! The questions that will be answered are

  • Which CNG Car is the best?
  • Is CNG Car worth buying?
  • What are the disadvantages of a CNG Car?
  • Is CNG Car better than a petrol car?
  • Can a CNG Car run on Petrol?
  • Can we fit CNG in an automated car?
  • How much CNG can a 12 Kg Cylinder contain?
  • Do CNG Tanks Expire?
  • Which company’s CNG Kit is the best?
  • Does CNG damage the car’s engine?

1. Which CNG Car is the best?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

There is a straight and a clear answer to this question. Maruti Wagon R is the best CNG Car available in our country. People usually go for CNG to churn out more kilometers per kg of gas and Maruti Suzuki WagonR offers 32.52km per kg! I don’t think anyone else claims or delivers more than this! If you wish to go for a cheaper alternative, you can go for Maruti S-Presso CNG. Those looking to own a CNG sedan can have their hands on the Hyundai Aura because it will provide you with great features along with the availability of CNG. Ertiga is the only 7-seater CNG vehicle available in the market with factory fitted CNG as of now.

2. Is CNG Car worth buying?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

CNG car is absolutely worth buying! But here is the catch. You should go for a CNG car only if your daily running is at least more than 50 kms. People buy CNG cars with the prime concern of saving money on fuel expenses. If you want to buy a car for short travels, say 20 kms a day, there is no sense in buying a CNG car because you will end up spending extra on the maintenance part. Also, there is no sense in sacrificing the boot space if it doesn’t prove to be a profitable deal.

3. What are the disadvantages of a CNG Car?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

Well, nothing is perfect! No doubt CNG cars have their own advantages but they come with some disadvantages as well! Here are some of them:

  1. Boot Space: You get almost no boot space in case of a CNG hatchback. In case of sedans and MUVs too, you have to sacrifice the boot space to a large extent in order to get CNG fitted inside your car.
  2. Limited Availability: Not every city has CNG available in abundant amounts like Delhi. If you take your car on road trips quite often, CNG is just not the right fuel for you. You may have a tough time finding a CNG station in some states.
  3. Short Range: A CNG tank has a lower capacity in comparison to the petrol tank of your car. Therefore, your car can cover a shorter distance in a tank full of CNG. Frequent CNG station visits and waiting in long queues can be troublesome at times.
  4. Reduced Performance and Higher Price: You need to pay a higher price for a CNG car in comparison to its petrol counterpart. Also, the power delivered by CNG is lesser than that delivered by petrol. Is the extra cost really worth it? You decide!

4. Is CNG Car better than a Petrol Car?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

Although petrol cars might attract you with better performance, lower initial costs and lower service costs, CNG cars can save you huge in the long run. Considering the high fluctuations in the prices of petrol and minute fluctuations in CNG prices, it is a better option for sure. CNG can deliver better mileage than the same car running on petrol.

5. Can a CNG Car run on Petrol?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

Of course yes! In case you are buying a CNG car, be well informed about the fact that every such car in the market is a bi-fuel vehicle. You can run that car on petrol too. In case you are a first-time CNG vehicle buyer, you ought to know that your CNG car engine starts on petrol only and switches to CNG once the engine is warmed up. Even if you get an aftermarket CNG kit, you should start your car on petrol only. You can switch between the fuels whenever you like!

6. Can we fit CNG in an Automatic car?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

Considering the technical side, you can. Considering the experience, you shouldn’t. If you want to go for CNG in your automatic car (irrespective of the gearbox) you should make sure that your CNG kit supports OBDII scan. Also, it should have a dynamic timing advancer. In my opinion, you shouldn’t go for CNG in an automatic car because you will definitely feel a lag in the acceleration and the gearshifts.

7. How much CNG can fill in a 12kg cylinder?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

Usually, a cylinder with 12kg capacity can hold up to 10kg of CNG. The amount of CNG that actually goes into your cylinder depends upon the pressure available at the filling station. You can get anywhere between 9.5-9.8kg at 200bar.

8. Do CNG Tank Expire?

Yes, they do. Usually, a CNG cylinder can last anywhere between 15-20 years. To be on a safer side, you should get it hydro tested regularly. This way you can be sure about the health of your CNG cylinder. Considering Delhi/NCR, a petrol/CNG car can be used for 15 years so the cylinder you get with your new car can last its lifetime unless it turns out to be defective or is subjected to an accident.

9. Which CNG Kit is the best?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

I have received many queries regarding the CNK kit brands. I hope this will answer all of your queries at once. Most CNG kits in India are imported from Argentina and Italy. Naming the brands, you can go for Lovato, Tomasetto Achille, Pelmag and Landirenzo. If you own a Maruti Suzuki and want to get an aftermarket CNG kit, BRC would be the best one for you. Wondering why? This is because BRC is the one who supplies to MSIL for the factory fitted kits as well. Don’t believe us? Click here and check for yourself!

10. Does CNG Damage the Engine of a Car?

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions on CNG Car

Not at all. Most of you must know that the “premium” petrol offered at fuel stations has a higher octane number. CNG has got an even higher octane rating! How can it damage your engine? CNG reduces power by 8-10% but doesn’t damage the engine at any point in time, provided it is maintained well.

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